Rehabilitation , Special Needs and Conditioning for mature, injured Adults.

Victoria Bader has acquired substantial knowledge in rehabilitating the body from over 35 years of specialized teaching, training and continued study with the worlds finest teachers.

With this knowledge, Victoria has implemented programs for specific injuries and conditions requiring careful training and body work. Victoria has worked with Special needs, Recovering clients with injuries and surgery needs, and mature clients who require a specific fitness level but still want a challenge.

Once the clients condition and needs are annualized and if need be, in conference with the clients MD, Victoria will prepare a careful program utilizing ballet exercises and movement sequences that teach the “Body-Brain” how to work efficiently and effectively. With consistent practice and monitoring, the client shows substantial improvement, both cognitively and physically.

Music and movement bring joy to the brain, when the body feels good, the mind follows!
If you or a special one has suffered a physical setback and is need of a carefully structured physical program, meet with Victoria to discuss what options and benefits she can offer. From a lifetime in movement and athleticism, Victoria can assist you to bring vitality, life and freedom into your body!

Contact victoria@victoriabader.com to set up a consultation.