Modern Body™
The ultimate workout for adults

The Modern Body Workout™ is a carefully planned work out design to achieve the dancers physic. Combining Ballet exercises, Modern Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Native American Rituals & Tibetan exercises.

A regime designed to strengthen the body, tone the muscles and achieve the “ dancers body”. Strong lean abs, toned thighs, svelte arms, slim muscles, no bulk, strong poise, grace, flexibility you never thought possible, strength, agility, ease of movement, supportive back and much more! These are some of the benefits you will gain with consistent practice of this workout. Thousands around the globe have enjoyed the benefits of Victoria Bader’s Modern Body Workout™

Modern Body TM does make your body more beautiful, elongated musculature, strong and definitely burns stored fat. It does reshape you into a longer, leaner more invigorated graceful individual. This will give you the dancers body.

For more information please email victoria@victoriabader.com for next session and details.